i'm still here, promise!

 okay, so I haven't posted in this blog for quite some time, and I send my deepest apologies.
to be honest it's because I haven't known what to say about recent events in my life.
my life has taken a complete change of directions and it's kind of embarrassing to admit but it's because of one thing, a boy.
if you follow my instagram you may notice that everything regarding ben and I has deceased.
yes, we did break off the 3 year relationship.
"what?? desi?? you two were perfect!"
the usual response to that statement.
but no, I've come to realize that maybe the ben and desi 3 or 2 years ago, maybe even 10 months ago were perfect, but the ben and desi now, we simply have different perspectives of life.
and that's all I can really say.
we are both striving to go in different directions.

but YOU GUYS. I promise im fine, I promise im smiling. I am so grateful for my past with ben and wouldn't change any of it one bit.
it's just the plain fact that the Lord has other plans for us both, and that's all I can trust in.

besides that depressing introduction, I would like to catch you up on the recents of my life.
and I promise (pinky promise) that I will update this blog A LOT more often, i will make it a constant in my life.
the relationship between my laptop and i will be unbreakable.

so enjoy

schools out! yessss my freshmen year of college is complete and I am absolutely finished
well, at least until the fall

but despite how difficult the year was, I had a good one, and I definitely look forward to my sophomore year.
later in the summer i'll for sure do a post about what to bring to college, things to know, look out for, tips, and pointers on how to survive your first year.
it'll be a good one I promise.
really all that is important is to work hard, remember why your there, have fun, manage your money, and be smart with your decisions.

managing money leads me to my next point.
I've utilized thrift shops a lot this past year.
guys, thrift shops are awesome! you find the greatest steals and honestly I use these buys a lot.
don't be ashamed to check out a thrift store, there's good stuff if ya look hard enough.

ever since my break up I've been doing a lot of things for me and I'm pretty dang happy.
i'm enjoying the painting, hiking, reading, everything.
I have a lot of time to myself, so guess what, I get to do whatever I want that will make me happy.
so I've been doing just that. and I advise everyone to do that.
find out what makes you happy to be alive.
YOU. not someone else, not what's fun to do with a group of people, what makes you really happy when you are alone and everyone else is busy.

outside is great. I have been hiking a lot (not alone anymore promise) and outside is very refreshing.
I highly recommend the outdoors, I don't know that's just me though ;)
maybe I should talk about the dating life, maybe I shouldn't?
all I can say is that I am happy everyone, really truly.

the greatest partner for an adventure

we should never shop together, we both like clothes, a lot. like way too much.

 we also painted this together
long story short, Cole's a great guy and he makes me smile and laugh a lot
so you can count on more pictures.


I've taken a lot of TLC desi time.
 which means, dressing better, relaxing in bed from time to time, and being cozy, and enjoying outside (like I said before)
which also means more blogging from now on ;)
in a post to come i'll be putting together an ab workout that you guys have asked for :)


  1. HIIIIIII i've been waiting for this update cause hello i'm one of those insta stalkers that was like WHAT THE HECK. update needed :) im glad you are happy and that everything is A-OK! and ps.... can i have your abs? thanks.

    xx, keena.

  2. Ok I'd love that college post and ab workout post! Those sound fantastic! I love all of your pictures and your perspectives. And your hiking adventures... inspiring me to go out this weekend!