adventuring and more

guys lately I've been doing this thing where I do less Netflix and phone time, and more outside time.
k I know that sounds weird, but now that it's summer and I have SOOO much time to myself I have invested in the outdoors and it's nice to turn my phone off and put what's happening in the bachelorettes life on hold, even my show Army Wives (guilty pleasure) can come to a break.
this last weekend my family claimed a camping spot for 5 days, man on man, it was probably the greatest. We went and stayed up at Granite Flats up AF canyon, if anyone knows where that is.
it's passed Tibble Fork a bit, and there hiking trails EVERYWHERE. so those 5 days I was doing this:

just a few pictures. it was a dreamy area.
oh guess what, I came home from my camping trip with a job waiting for me, a job at Victoria's Secret (again), yes I am the newest VS sales associate.
training has been horrendous, I never knew there was so much to know about feminine wear.
but im celebrating because I get to wear all black, which means I get to wear 3/4 of my wardrobe everyday (promise im not gothic, I just love black).

I went on a great hike with great friends the other day, summer is fun.

if you want to go on fun adventures with me let me know and we will go (im not kidding we will)
and I sorta want to do something new with the hair, im not sure what, but I want to dye it most likely (not all of it just some of it) 

also, i'm working on putting together a good summer workout list. my next post should be about that:)
have a wonderful Thursday all of you:)

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