i made a mistake

today sucked. to say the least.
i was pretty much silent the entire day and only talked when someone asked me a question or i had a question in class. other than that. i had a straight face the whole day, not much of a smile, and i could easily just start tearing up at random parts of the day. it was just a rough day...
in AP Language my teacher called me to see him after class.
he asked me if i was okay and i said i was fine. then he said that he happened to see part of my writing in class that we were working on. our assignment was to look at a sentence of parallelism and model a sentence of our own around it.
sooo the first sentence was...
1. To spend too much time in studies is sloth; to use them too much for ornament is affectation; to make judgement wholly by their rules is the humour of a scholar.
and i wrote a simplified version of this anaphora sentence.
- to leave may seem right, to hurt may be moral, to lie may appear truthful, but your judgement is proven wrong by a shattered heart.

anddd 2. alas, art is long, and life is short
i said.....- A smile has meaning, a tear has depth

i mean..they arent the greatest. i was just writing of off feeling. but my teacher read them..so yeah.
he decided to confront the situation and ask if he could do anything to help. i said i was okay i really was and then my voice started to choke up and i said i had to go and then i left.
it surprised me that my english teacher was sooo interested in helping me out. but also it was nice to know that an adult had my back. then he saw me in the halls right before lunch and said "desi, make it a good day, you can do it" and smiled:) it was really sweet of him.
after lunch i decided to go home. since i dont have a 4th and my work didnt need me today i decided that i should go get some hw done before i go to my best friends for help with AP calc.
im in my car about to start it when i look at my phone and theres a text from that boy....
it said "des...i made a mistake last night"
and now...we are gonna be talking in a little bit once he calls me...
so idk what to do now....theres so much on my mind.....

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