it's love;

Put your hand over your heart, feel its beat.
Stand next to someone you love, feel it beat faster.
Feel your insides jump, your lips crease into a smile, your laughter come easier.
Take it all in & enjoy it.

"I'm thankful and blessed, for the moments we shared that became memories, but i'm scared of the moments to come, that will define what we've been through and either carry us on, or bring us to a stop.

I'm sad, but hopeful."

A post that I wrote through tears, blinding myself from hope of what could be. 
But life has a beautiful way of lifting you up, God has a beautiful way of holding your head high despite the trials. 
And now, I am as happy as ever, because an apology, an admittance of the wrong, a kiss, a hug, the tears, the joy, the love, and happiness. Is enough, when sincere, and when sincere, it's enough. 

A girl could never ask for someone like him. I thank God everyday for the man He has blessed me with. Because I never asked for him, not once. I simply spotted him from across the way, and my own heart brought me to his very presence, starting us with a "hello" and leaving the rest up to fate. 

The yellow tulips he gave me are scattered across my room in vases, a note of his promise beside my bed, the scent of him stained on the sweater he gave to me. The simple gestures from him that make him so sweet. 
I stare at my ceiling and soak in the feeling buzzing through me, making me numb. I don't want to move, because my night ended on a simple note. A careful note. A goodnight kiss under the stars, snow surrounding us, his hand brushing my cheek, and a faint whisper of "I love you" 
The simple things that have the ability to give me the chills that last into the next day, through that day, and for a lifetime. 

These last few weeks have been full of milestones. 
A weekend road trip, a wedding, a special promise, just the seconds spent together, and a love.
They are the moments that will make up our life together, the kind of life a little girl acts out when shes five, pretending to be living her fairy tale life. Little does that little girl know, that fairy tale life comes faster than she thinks. 
This year i'll be leaving for college at UVU, he will be on his way to the marines on August 5th, and the waiting will begin. He will come back and we will enjoy our last few months together before his mission, and then more waiting. I love this boy, I love him so much. I believe in our love story, you may not, but I do, with all my heart. And that, to us at least, is enough. 

Some pics to catch you up on my life:)
Valentines Day: sushi dinner, safe haven, flowers, my own scriptures with my  name engraved on the front, hearts, kisses, love. 

 my best friend in the entire world, oh and ps..my future roomie:)

my baby and I at the Manti Temple or his cousins wedding<3 we'll be there someday:)

after a long roadtrip weekend, we wind down with what we love most, hearing him play.

 the promise ring he gave me on christmas eve:)


 road trip with my guurrlll to the Olympic Oval to run in the collegiate golden spike meet:) 

 the promise ring my momma gave me that my dad gave her in high school. passing it down:)

 sisters; best friends.

 my last high school track season, gonna make it count.

gym junkies


 siblings; dancing; babysitting

 i love my sibs, my pride and joy:)

 the best phrase.

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