I do love sparkle, it makes anything look good and anybody happy, so leave it where ever you may go:)

Hello, hello:)
happy Monday! It's a new week and it's definitely gonna be a good one!
Let me see...recap on the past few days, shall we?
You would think that mother nature would be a tad bit nice and let the sun shine on the Friday Saturday track meet, but false. She actually decided to make it cold, cold, cold. But to my surprise, I performed well that track meet (despite the cold weather). But, to my dismay, I pulled my hamstring in the middle of my 200 meter, so instead of taking first in all 3 of my races, I only took first in 2... and my hamstring hurts.
Also, I went to this cool waffle shack! It was super, super cute! I decided after a successful day of preliminaries I would indulge in a waffle coated in nutella, whipped cream, and strawberries (and a bit of my friends biscoff). Oh my land, what a waffle. If you haven't had a waffle from Waffle Love here in the sunny state of Utah, you are indeed missing out.
Well, soon after my waffle experience...Me, my best friend Corrie, and our other roommate decided to go apartment shopping! And after hours of touring rooms and areas, we finally came to a conclusion, University Towers:)
 http://www.university-towers.com/    check it out
It's pretty cool, and a neat find. But, it is 8 girls in one apartment. Wait! Don't freak out, it is not as bad as you think. You see, we will be plenty busy with track, school, work, etc. that not everyone will be in the same apartment at once. The only time all 8 of us will usually be together is at night when we are getting ready to crash! And we asked some girls about how it is with 8 of them, and they said it has its moments but overall, they don't regret it:) so cheers to that!


soo that is a glimpse of some of the rooms, they are very nice and spacious! I'm so excited!:)

Saturday my poor car Red broke down on me...again...fourth time...and the mechanics can't figure out why!
And to my dismay, I'm getting a new car...
kidding, kidding. Who is upset over getting a new car? Granted, it will not be as nice as the one I have now...but a car is a car and as long as it works i'll be fine.

Let me think...well Saturday, I helped Ben with a wonderful thing called cleaning a dentist office! Well, all the money earned is for prom mostly, so I like helping out! Plus it's kind of fun cleaning to Disney music all night;) haha
Sunday I went church in the morning! I went to my ward! And it was also the first time I was able to go to church in a few weeks so you have no idea how nice it was! It's a comforting feeling knowing I have the gospel in my life and my Heavenly Father constantly listening to me and helping me. It makes my days a lot better. And reading scriptures in the morning before I leave to school or work and saying my morning prayers is the perfect way to start my day on the right foot!
So if you aren't doing that, I invite you to start. You definitely will not regret it.
I also went to Bens all of Sunday! We watched episode after episode of Vampire Diaries! I was still on season 1 and he started season 2 a while ago and he made me start where he was:( so now i'm on season 2...
but I won't complain because it's just as good as season 1 :)
After a good 2 hours of vampires and such, oh and werewolves (sorry if I spoiled anything), we ate a delicious dinner provided by his amazing mother and then we basically passed out on the floor. So, so tired. Especially because we got close to no sleep the previous night because we both got home late and had 9am church...but anyways, being tired and then having a full tummy was basically an invitation to fall asleep. So I gladly did so in his arms while they turned on Star Wars. I really like cuddling with Ben, I think I might miss that a lot when he leaves. It's just a safe feeling, knowing that he's got me close and won't let go. He makes me really, really happy! And as we near the end of the school year and the beginning of the 2013 summer, reality hits and we are left with the thought of "wow, we are both growing up, and we are both leaving..." it's a bittersweet thought because we are doing things we've always wanted to do, but we wont be seeing each other. I know we'll be okay though, we are supporting each other 110% in everything we do and just knowing I have his support is enough. I really am so thankful for my perfect boy:) He's one in a million.

And now it's Monday, lets have a good week, yeah? Make the most of everything! Life goes by way too fast to not take advantage of everything you have and are able to have

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