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Well what an eventful past few days it has been. Lets begin by saying it looks beautiful outside. But don't let the sunny rays fool you because guess what, it's actually bitter cold and yes, the trees look especially nice moving back and forth, side to side, but really, that wind has a bite and is very much cold. So it feels nice and fresh outside this morning.
But besides the weather, I'm thinking it's going to be a great next couple of days! I don't know I just have a good feeling about it all!

Since we talked last a few things have happened! First of all, I had that track meet! Okkaayyy...
Let's just say it wasn't our best track meet. The wind was blowing in every direction so you're running against a wall basically the whole time, and it was bitter cold! My coach pulled all her top runners out of their main sprint events because she didn't want us pulling anything for the Friday Saturday meet! So I ran the open 400 the 800 and the 4x4. So I usually run the 4x4 but the open 400 and 800 noooooo...
It was just a rough meet..
and Ben lost his soccer game 2-0 :( they were undefeated...but i'm not worried because they will get back into it. But he hurt his hip after diving weird on it. But as of right now it's doing better! I wish I could have been at that game to at least help him a little...even though I probably wouldn't have done much...but I wish I could have been there. Sometimes I hate track season because I miss EVERYTHING!

Well I had missionary lessons at 6! And the 4x4 started at like 5:45...so long story short, I busted my butt that 4x4 because I wanted to get to missionary lessons! After the race we just sprinted to the car and made it to my best friends house like 10 minutes after 6! But there's a new Elder! His name is Elder Kim and he's from Sacramento, California! I still have one of the same Elder's as before though, Elder Reinchart (pretty sure I butchered the spelling of his name)! He's unreal! I love both of them and their perspectives and just the way they talk and explain things to me! It's easy to take in and understand and they ask me hard, but good questions that I do have either an opinion on or a strong testimony of. I also have a baptism date. Actually right now it's a goal! I still have to talk it over with my parents but I know what I want, and so I just have to be clear and explain to them how right this is for me. But as of right now the baptism date is May 4th.
When he told me "let's start talking about a baptism date" my heart literally jumped out of my chest. My best friend said she's pretty sure she could hear it pounding! I was so happy:)
Earlier Elder Reinchart asked me if I believe that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. And I will admit, I've been thinking about that a lot lately. But recently I came to the conclusion that through my own personal experiences, asking the Heavenly Father for guidance with what to do, which direction I should go, and daily questions I have for him...I receive those answers through my Heavenly Father. Whether they are through the scriptures or in other ways. But when Joseph Smith, a 14 year old boy, being taunted by Satan and feeling absolutely confused about what church is true. I believe that to ask that kind of question with so much temptation around you to do bad and choose the wrong path, and to just ask our Heavenly Father for guidance to the right church, I believe that you almost need that face to face consultation. Yes, you do not need to see to believe. But a question like that, you need to be a witness of what Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ wants for you and have that reassurance that can begin an eternity of happiness for not only you, but for the many people you will guide and who will follow you.
Haha maybe that makes no sense to some of you...but to me, it's perfect in my head. haha

Also, guess what!!
As of last night, I am officially a Utah Valley University Wolverine!! I signed with UVU yesterday to run track and field! I am soo excited to get started and run there and continue my education. I'm so thankful to have had my family, friends, teammates, and coaches with me through this entire journey and stand by me no matter what. It was a tough decision but I feel 110% confident and have no regrets about my decision! It feels so good to have that part of my life figured out, and I can not wait to move out and live on my own!
Granted, I will miss my family. Two nights ago I was laying in bed with my little four year old brother Mateo and talking with him before he fell asleep and he was so cute and then he told me "Desi...I'm going to miss you when you leave to college..." and he doesn't even know what college is! He just hears that i'm going there and I have to leave...
It breaks my heart that I won't see them everyday, and I realize that maybe I have taken my time with them for granted sometimes, and I really have stepped it up with spending time with them, and i'm a lot happier now that I have. My siblings are my pride and joy and I want to be their best friend.

I really miss my boyfriend though...I haven't seen him for a while because we've both just been so busy this week and it's hard to fit in time to see each other. Sometimes we are hardly able to talk to each other because we are too busy to even text or call! So yes, I miss him a lot, more than anything. And I sure hope I can see him tonight, even if its just for an hour or two, that is definitely enough to keep me sane till the weekend. haha! Kidding, we've gone much longer without seeing each other and I know that eventually, we will have to go a really long time without seeing each other, but I just have to keep in mind that it will all be worth it and we will be blessed eternally. I am so grateful for him, he has been a huge supporter in my life and the greatest best friend I could ever ask for. Can't wait to see my baby:)

Well tomorrow I have a huge two day track and field invitational and I am SO excited! I feel so good about this meet and I will run my hardest no matter what! I know I can do so well even if it's snowing so I just have to concentrate on me and believe and feel confident in myself. I can do it!

Also, I was on Pinterest and I saw this unreal DIY thing I want to try, so i'll do that soon and post it! Stay tuned;)

I'll talk to you in a day or two, but for now...enjoy your day! It's gonna be a good one:)

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